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SAC Light Commercial Parts sell quality replacements parts for Toyota Hilux D4D and VVTI models. Our Hilux range include clutch upgrade kits, front brake discs and ball joints etc. We stock spares for the 2.5 and 3.0 Toyota D-4D, for the 2.0 and 2.7 Toyota VVTI, and for the 2.4 and 2.8 GD6 Toyota models. Our online selection list allow you to view most of the replacement parts we sell for your Toyota Hilux D4D, Hilux VVTI, or Hilux GD6. We also sell parts for Quantum VVTI and Quantum D4D.


Components wear and tear, and eventually you will require Toyota Hilux spare parts of some sort or the other. Do you require parts for these once in a while issues some Hilux bakkies owners experience?


Injector failure. Turbo fails to kick in (due to a faulty actuator & the exhaust gas recirculation system). Water Pump failure. Suction control valve (clogs up). Less than sufficient performance in low gears. Autobox (transmission) issues.


SAC Light Commercial Parts has all the parts you need.


A wide variety of Toyota Hilux spare parts to choose from.

Are you in need of good quality Toyota Hilux replacement parts and spares? Do you need it for your bakkie’s body, engine, gearbox, drivetrain, chassis or differential? SAC Light Commercial Parts have the parts and spares for your Hilux bakkie. We stock parts and spares for your 2.0 & 2.7 VVTI, 2.0 & 2.5 D4D, 2.4 & 2.8 GD6 bakkie. SAC Light Commercial Parts offer you the following Hilux body parts: lights, indicators, wipers and side-mirrors. We also stock a variety of engine parts. These include alternators, cam drives, engine gaskets, fan drives, filters, injectors, radiators, turbos and water pumps. We also cover your gearbox and drivetrain part requirements. We have clutches and bearings for your Toyota Hilux. This is not where it ends, SAC Light Commercial Parts also cater for your bakkie’s chassis & diff parts. At SAC Light Commercial Parts we stock ball joints & tie-rod ends, brakes, shocks, differentials, joints and suspensions for your Toyota Hilux bakkie.


You can see that we at SAC Light Commercial Parts have a wide range of bakkie spare parts and accessories for sale. Visit us here to view our variety of Toyota Hilux spare parts. Do not jeopardise the functionality of your bakkie. Do not buy and install counterfeit, pirated parts. As long as you stay away from counterfeit, pirate bakkie spare parts, you are halfway there. The other half is to choose a trustworthy Toyota Hilux bakkie spare part supplier. At SAC Light Commercial Parts we trade in the best Toyota Hilux bakkie spare parts money can buy. SAC Light Commercial Parts bakkie spare parts are top of the range when it comes to quality and endurance.


You are important to us!


At SAC we understand how important EVERY single component and EVERY single part in your bakkie is. We also collectively understand the role these components and parts play to ensure that your vehicle is safe. Do not gamble with your life or the life of someone else. Your well-being is important to us; let it also be important to you!


Rely on the number one preferred supplier of quality guaranteed aftermarket bakkie spare parts for the South African bakkie owner. It does not matter where you are in South Africa. We have branches nationwide. Simply contact us today and order your spare parts and accessories that you require.


Our SAC Service Centres released articles related to these common issues. If you wish to read more about the Hilux 3.0 D4D issues, click here. For more about potential faults on the 2.5 D4D, click here. Finally, to read more about potential faults on the 4.0 V6, click here.



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